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Latest Episodes…

  1. Encouragement to start a new career.

    Today I talk to kendal, Josh and william about what its like to leave a job that is paying you 40 hours a week for a career that has layoffs as a normal part of life. We discuss the quality of life, perks of travel, and a few good rerasons ...


  2. Journeyman words of wisdom, for a pre apprentice

    Today I sit down with Chris H. a  journeyman from local union 2158, and Nate C. one of our pre apprentices that has been busy in the field. We talk about the day to day work and job site of a pre apprentice and discuss what the future holds for ...


  3. Satisfying the end user with Local Union 2158 millwrights

    Today I speak with Rick R. and Kieth H. about being able to deliver quality work, in a professional and safe mannor using our local millwrights. We talk about some of the training advancements and leadership classes that our memebrs undergo. ...


  4. From robots and spaceships to automobile plants and nuclear facilities, a look at some diversity in the trade.

    I spoke with Brian F. and Greg M. about some of the exciting areas you may find a millwright working in. We talk robots, retrofits, and technology on this episode to help explain  the diversity in our trade. ...


  5. What its like to travel as a union Millwright

    Today we sit down with Evan L. and discuss the pros and cons of travel  and what to do when you have worked your last day on the job. We also talk with him about some of his  opportunities  to see the country, because he traveled as a union Millwright. ...