Getting trades back in the high schools

May 21, 2019
On today's show I speak with Austin C. and Seth W. about the importance of talking about the trades in high school. Too many schols place all the importance on 4 year colleges or the military. These are all great options, but if the student is not interested in the universities or selective service, the trades is a great place to check out! We talk about what it is like to get an education after high school, only to be left with debt and headaches, and how the union Millwrights made both of t...
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From the Military to the Millwrights

May 07, 2019
Today I talk with two prior service members and one that is currently in the National Guard. Blade Y. (USMC/National Guard) Jeff C. (USMC) and Beau B. (U.S. Navy) give some insight to the Millwrights from a service members view. We discuss the transition from life in military to life as a union Millwright. There are several advantages to making the move and we try highlight a few of them. We draw similarities to the work and way off life. 
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Encouragement to start a new career.

April 23, 2019
Today I talk to kendal, Josh and william about what its like to leave a job that is paying you 40 hours a week for a career that has layoffs as a normal part of life. We discuss the quality of life, perks of travel, and a few good rerasons to make the life style change, to being union millwright.    I talk about what the pre trial apprentice progam does for you and the fact that it is a no obligation program that allows you try a new career with out totaling leaving your job right a...
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Journeyman words of wisdom, for a pre apprentice

April 09, 2019
Today I sit down with Chris H. a  journeyman from local union 2158, and Nate C. one of our pre apprentices that has been busy in the field. We talk about the day to day work and job site of a pre apprentice and discuss what the future holds for Nate and other pre apprentices in his shoes. 
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Satisfying the end user with Local Union 2158 millwrights

March 26, 2019
Today I speak with Rick R. and Kieth H. about being able to deliver quality work, in a professional and safe mannor using our local millwrights. We talk about some of the training advancements and leadership classes that our memebrs undergo.
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