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Latest Episodes…

  1. Brining Back the Brotherhood

    On this show I talk to Business Representative Jon Mix for local union 2158. We explain the importance of the unity and brotherhood that comes along with a union lifestyle. The ability to voice your opinion and make decisions on your future is a giant advantage of union life. So ...


  2. Mechatronics coming to 2158

    You heard it here first! The ground level view of 2158 expanding in to the robotics world! We take a look at the mechatronics field. I talk with Pete R. and John M. about the future of 2158 and what it might look like. This episode examins the world of ...


  3. North Central States Business Representative and Communications interview

    On todays episode I talk with Shaun C. and Richard K. about the roles of a business Representative and a communications expert. Topics like market share, member communications, work availabilities  and millwright job sites. We get a close look at how the North Central  States Regional Council of Carpenters  handle ...


  4. Getting trades back in the high schools

    On today's show I speak with Austin C. and Seth W. about the importance of talking about the trades in high school. Too many schols place all the importance on 4 year colleges or the military. These are all great options, but if the student is not interested in the ...


  5. From the Military to the Millwrights

    Today I talk with two prior service members and one that is currently in the National Guard. Blade Y. (USMC/National Guard) Jeff C. (USMC) and Beau B. (U.S. Navy) give some insight to the Millwrights from a service members view. We discuss the transition from life in military to life ...